You've Been Hearing About This Whole, 'Blog for Leads' Thing, But How Do You Get Started?

Let Us Do the Scary Tech Stuff!

'Done-for-You’ WordPress Blog Installation in the Google Cloud

Now Your Online Presence Follows You Wherever You Go Your Whole Network Marketing Career

With Rock My Market your online presence is totally flexible and gives you the freedom you need to grow your business.

Once upon a time, there was a corporate company site that didn’t sell that well. Mr. Independent Distributor said, “I’ll fix that — I’ll use a centralized self-replication hosting service to generate leads.

”It worked, but Independent Distributor decided to join another opportunity and all of his marketing tools got stuck with the centralized self-replication service.

Hmm. The dreaded Start Over Mode — now initiated. (Major work, time and money.)

What if there was another way?

FreedomFlex lets you create an online presence that you have complete control over. You can host your WordPress blog & website on our lightening fast, optimized servers or on your favorite hosting service.

“But I wish my website did this.”

No problem — with thousands of WordPress Plug-ins on the market did this.” is just minutes away.

“I like green instead of blue.” With thousands of WordPress templates you can make your website look just the way you want it to — uniquely your brand. So easy — even a novice can change the look.

“My last hosting company couldn’t get my e-mail delivered.” With FreedomFlex you can use any e-mail, autoresponder vendor you wish — and change your forms in just minutes.

You can use your WordPress site as standalone business site. You can generate leads and forward them to a self-replicating system. You can send the leads to your corporate replicated site. It’s the best of ALL worlds — a totally flexible concept.

Point is, your new online presence can look any way you wish, you can change it at anytime and best of all — it goes with you your whole career.

The dreaded “Start Over” scenario is now a thing of the past.

FreedomFlex — The NEW Way to Succeed.

Here’s a Done-for-You Service That’ll Do All the Scary Stuff. It’s a Plug & Play Solution — We’ll Just Hand You the Keys

Is WordPress and all the technical stuff a little scary? Or do you have an unsuccessful blog and want to start over?

No Problem.

We can create a Search Engine Optimized WordPress blog for you that’ll get you noticed. We’ll install and configure all the key WordPress Plugins, too, so you’ll have the power of contact forms, social sharing and SEO optimization.

We can put your site up in the Google cloud for you and maintain it for just $17 per month — get unlimited traffic and peace-of-mind knowing we’re keeping an eye on your blog’s security and uptime.

Before you know it, you’ll have joined the ranks of the pro bloggers, by using lightning fast cloud services to brand yourself and build your online reputation.

All you need to do is login and start posting.

We’ll also include over $455 of the essential & best WP plugins (software that makes WordPress do incredible things) to give you a blog that’ll make the pros envious.

All have been carefully selected for ease-of-use and professional look as well as traffic generating potential — without needing to learn the geeky stuff.

Just Have a Look . . .

Easy-to-Use WordPress Design Tools

Don’t Think You Could Design a Beautiful Website With WordPress? 

Take a Look at This . . .

If you are one of those who wants to take on more, then we’ve got the cutting edge design tools for you that are standard issue with your blog site. Their entire purpose is to turn your blog into more than just a reputation builder, but also a super savvy lead generating machine! All designed for those who don't know the first thing about creating a website, but want to have that "Pro" look and functionality.

We are licensed through Thrive Themes to bring you some of the most cutting edge web design tools for the "non-techhies'. Thrive Themes are Blazingly fast WordPress templates and plugins, built to get more traffic, more subscribers, more clients and more customers for you. They give you all the tools you need to create beautiful marketing funnels right from your Blogsite.

You Get . . .

  • Thrive leads
  • thrive landing pages
  • Thrive content builder
  • thrive themes

Thrive Leads: A ‘Real’ $67 Value

Easily Create Beautiful & Conversion-Optimized List Building Optin Offers

Watch this Video by the Creator of Thrive Themes.

All of Thrive’s Cool & Easy-to-Use WordPress Plugins and Themes: A ‘Real’ $300 Per Year Value

We'll Also Include You Also Get All These 'Must Have' Plugins for Ease-of-Use, Peace-of-Mind and Automatic, FREE Traffic...

  • AIT Easy Admin
  •  free traffic generation tools
  • security

Security: It’s No Fun if Your WordPress Site Goes Down

​Your WordPress site will run on Google’s Cloud with back up servers for security & redundancy. This is a specially designed security system for lightening fast load times & secure hosting.

​You'll get total peace-of-mind knowing everything is safe & secure.

​We also include these top rated security plugins for even more protection…

    • Wordfence Security
    • Ninja Firewall (WP Edition)
    • SSL Insecure Content Fixer

ALL Plugins Come With FREE Lifetime Updates — You'll SAVE Money Every Year

Place Your Order Now

The Professional WordPress Blogsite with Complete Installation & Configuration

Your Own Professional Blogsite, Complete with A ‘Real’ $455 in ‘Best-of-Class’ Plugins. Installation & Configuration, FREE Lifetime Updates – You'll Save Hundreds Every Year

All These Tools Installed & Configued

  • AIT Easy Admin: A ‘Real’ $45 Value
  • Thrive Leads: A ‘Real’ $67 Value
  • Thrive Landing Pages: A ‘Real’ $67 Value
  • 122 Beautiful Ready-Made Templates
  • Thrive Content Builder: A ‘Real’ $67 Value
  • Thrive Themes: A ‘Real’ $67 Value
  • SNAP Pro: A ‘Real’ $50 Value
  • SEO Pressor: A ‘Real’ $47 Value
  • Wordfence Security
  • NinjaFirewall (WP Edition)
  • SSL Insecure Content Fixer

Plus These 3 FREE Bonuses -- (A $75 Value)

  • Your First Month in Google's Cloud Paid for by Rock My Market (A $17 Value)
  • WordPress Video Training Series (A $29 Value)
  • How To Get  ZERO-COST Traffic Multi-Media Course (A $29 Value)

Zero-Cost Traffic for Your Blog Multimedia Course. (A $29 Value)

Blogging for leads is an excellent and proven concept — that is, if you can get traffic. This multi-media (downloadable guide & videos) course will teach free traffic tactics that work.

You’ll discover Viral Blogging, YouTube Traffic, Forums, the Thank You Page method, Podcasting, Webinars, Social Media, Viral Reports and more. Make your blog a success right out of the gate.

How To Make Your WordPress Experience Easy — Video Training Series.

A little intimidated by all the geeky blog jargon? Want to know how to post and respond to comments and other stuff? This well-conceived video training series gets you up and running in no time — you’ll gain the confidence to handle all the common WordPress tasks quickly.

We’ve got you covered from soup-to-nuts.

Your First Month’s Google Cloud Hosting Is On Us — 1 Month FREE (A $17 Value)

Start saving money right away.

We'll pay your 1st month's hosting bill -- pretty cool, huh?

You're Protected by Our 30-DAY PRODUCT GUARANTEE

We want you to be ecstatic about the work we do for you!  

You’re covered by our Satisfaction Guarantee. You’ll have up to 14-Days to request minor changes to make your blog really stand out. After that you can request changes and additions on a fee-based basis.

Combine our other services to finally have a complete professional online presence you’ll be proud of and prospects will respond to — guaranteed.

$499 Onetime

Then Just $17 a Month for Your WordPress Optimized Google Cloud Hosting AFTER Your FREE First Month

Get Started Today

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