Now Have Your Whole Team Look Professional with Rock My Market’s NEW Team Branding Program

Today’s marketplace is changing rapidly.

Your online presence needs to be everywhere — but it’s a lot of work to brand yourself, let alone your whole group. Rock My Market makes it so easy for you — we’ll do all the hard work.

There’s a power that comes from a consistent look and feel that’s seen across all the major social media platforms and team websites.

Corporate brands know that, but it’s been out of the financial reach of most soloprenuers — until now.

We bring you that professional look that inspires trust in your prospects for faster and higher sales volumes.

All at a very special introductory price.

Create a Unified Team Brand Across All the Popular Social Media Channels

You’ll Get…

A Custom Designed Team Brand Social Media Graphics Package

  • Team Logo
  • Facebook Header
  • Facebook Group Header
  • Facebook Event Cover
  • Facebook Ad Image
  • LinkedIn Profile Header
  • Pinterest Profile Header
  • YouTube Channel Header
  • G+ Hangouts Header
  • G+ Hangouts Video Lower Third Overlay

6-Month Access to Rock My Graphics Online Design Tool for Your Whole Team

Your team can create their own infographics for free traffic from Pinterest and Instagram. Coupons and flyers to sell their products. And many more graphics.

It’s an easy template based tool. Just replace some text and you’ll have professional looking sales tools ready to increase your sales volume.

You and Your Team Also Get Offline Branding Designs

  • Team Flyer Design
  • Team Brochure Design
  • Team T-Shirt Design
  • Team Business Card Design
  • DVD Cover for Your Team Video


Team Marketing Tools

A Complete Generic Lead Generation Opt In Funnel

Includes a Lead Magnet, Landing Page, Video, and Autoresponder Message Series (7-Messages). Your whole team can now generate leads and grow quickly.

5-Minute Team Branded Presentation Video.
Present your team to your prospects in a compelling fashion. 

We’ll write up to a 5-minute script and develop a stunning video presentation designed to make prospects want to join your team.

Stream it online, copy it to your phone or USB stick, burn it to DVDs.

Use it in conjunction with your opportunity presentation for a 1, 2 punch.

You’ll Also Get a Fully Team Branded Blog Network For Your Organization Members

Build Trust & Authority, Generate Organic Traffic and Create a Steady Flow of Leads Throughout Your Organization

INCLUDED: It's a FREE BONUS (A $1,500 Value)

We’ll develop a fully branded blog network with you as the administrator.

This new style of self-replicating architecture is quickly replacing the out-dated self-replicating systems of the past decade.

They're the ultimate in flexibility and speed of deployment. ​New features can be added in just an hour, features that go way beyond today's systems. They'll keep pace with new developments, even cutting-edge strategies, and are the future of team website solutions.

With your master blog site you can generate as many duplicates as you want for your team.

This is similar to our FreedomFlex Concept in that it’s very flexible. While FreedomFlex is for individuals, this Team Branded Blog Network is for groups.

You can make it into a full blown website, a blog, create lead funnels, generate organic and viral traffic — it’s very flexible.

Unlike centralized self-replicating systems you can choose its functionality and make it available to your whole network.Think of this as half-way between a centralized system and FreedomFlex.

All member sites will have the same plugins and branded theme as the admin but each individual can customize the look of the theme and plugin options.

We house your new blog network in Google's Fast & Secure Cloud so it's fully scalable and can handle all the traffic you can throw at it.​

Here's Some Samples of What Your Blog Could Look Like - Everything is Customizable to Whatever Look & Feel You Want​


Now run your whole organization from one simple interface. You’ll also have a membership backoffice for distribution of materials, communications and more.

  • Thrive leads
  • thrive landing pages
  • Thrive content builder
  • thrive themes

Thrive Leads: A ‘Real’ $67 Value

Easily Create Beautiful & Conversion-Optimized List Building Optin Offers

Watch this Video by the Creator of Thrive Themes.

  • Communications
  • management
  • Marketing
  • support


Support System: Handle field support or have us do it. Easily set up an awesome support ticket system complete with Frequently Asked Questions for a streamlined user experience.

WP Video Tutorials: High-quality video tutorials cover every needed aspect of your new blog/website network.

This innovation is much more cost-effective, flexible, faster to deploy, easier to manage and can stay with you even if you change opportunities.

It’s included as a FREE BONUS in your Team Branding Package.

RAPID Deployment Available (In Just 2-Weeks) — NO Extra Charge

*Hosting and optional field support fees are extra.

It’s included as a FREE BONUS in your Team Branding Package.

Rock My Market Offers You and Your Team a Complete Program to Build a Solid Business

Here’s Two Layers of INCLUDED Legal Protection

We live in heavily regulated environment today. You don’t want to see all your hard work go up in smoke.You can NO longer use boilerplate legal documents you find on the Internet.

Generic, cookie-cutter forms that don’t reflect your unique business offer scant legal protection.

You need fully customized documents customized just for you and your business.

Enter FTC Guardian (TM)

We’ve teamed up with the noted FTC compliance attorney Chip Cooper, Esq.

As the team Leader you’ll gain FREE FULL Access to FTC Guardian’s Legal Document Library for your business needs and protection.

Plus you can give access to your team to the BASIC compliance documents they need to conduct business today. They can use them on their blog sites.

Customized Legal Documents

80+ Legal Documents for…​

  • Website Protection
  • Marketing
  • Promotion
  • Intellectual Property

Legal Compliance Blueprint & Easy Tutorials And Strategies

  • Blueprint explains legal compliance step by step
  • Tutorials & Strategies protect you where documents alone can’t

Member Only Hangouts

  • Connect with Chip on Live Hangouts twice per month
  • Stay on top of critical legal developments

Trust Seal Rights

  • Enhance confidence with prospects and customers
  • Pop up certificate verifies membership agreement to follow FTC regulations and Code of Conduct — builds trust and credibility.

The FTC Guardian System is a $1,500 per year program. It’s worth every penny since FTC fines can range in the millions.

You’ll get lifetime access included in your Rock My Market Team Branding Program.

FREE U.S. LLC, Included for Your Whole Team

Another layer of legal protection is your own Limited Liability Company.

Most network marketers go into business with a sole proprietorship status. While it’s a quick way to get started you are fully exposed personally if the dark clouds of a legal nature come your way.

Your corporate MLM program could face problems, even if you had nothing to do with it, or maybe someone on your team — or even you inadvertently did something worthy of a lawsuit.

Not a good situation.

An LLC gives you a layer of protection from emotionally and financially draining lawsuits.

Your wise move is to add layers of protection to your business before trouble hits.

You also can take advantage of tax deductions you wouldn’t have as a sole proprietorship. This can save you money as you build your business.​

We’ve partnered with a leader in entity formation, they’ve formed more than 70,000 corporations and LLCs including the famous Rockstar brand.

They can form for you — your very own LLC.

Best of all, it’s FREE (just pay State filing fees & S/H).

Your whole team can get their own FREE LLC, too. So everybody can have the same legal protection.

This will save your team members hundreds, even thousands collectively. It’s all included.

Hey, let’s play safe out there.

ALSO INCLUDED: Generous Instant Rock My Market Discounts for Your Whole Team

  • 25% Discount for Team Members on Rock My Market’s Pro Presence Bio Package
  • 15% Discount for Team Members on Blog Installs (in case they want a personal one)
  • Discounts on Rock My Market Training Courses [coming soon]

Need Full Backend Marketing Automation?

We’ve partnered with a little known but powerful system that’ll give you the functions of a Hubspot or Marketo but at a fraction of the price.​

It’s even more cost effective than autoresponder systems like Aweber and GetResponse.

We’ll introduce you to it during our consultation call.​

With Rock My Market’s NEW Team Branding Program You’ll Have the Trust-Building Online Presence You Need to Compete — Today.

You’ll get…​

  • A Full Team Branding Graphics package that includes the popular online social platforms. PLUS offline print branding tools.
  • A Team Branded Blog/Website Network for all your members. (A $1,500 Value)
  • A Complete Generic Lead Generation Funnel you can plug into your new blog network. (A $2,500 Value)
  • A compelling Team Branding video designed to inspire prospects to join your team. (A $1,850 Value)
  • Two layers of legal protection for this dangerous regulatory environment. Lifetime Access to FTC Guardian’s legal compliance document library — with bi-weekly legal issues updates. (A $1,500 a Year Value)
  • Plus a FREE LLC for you and each of your team members. (A $500 Value)
  • PLUS! Generous discounts on Rock My Market products and services for you and your team.

Over $12,500 in ‘Real’ Value

​If you’ve priced corporate branding services they can run from $20,000 to $150,000 for the concept and graphics — just brainstorming a name can cost $40,000!

This is why soloprenuers haven’t been able to brand themselves — until now.

During our new service launch we’re only accepting 10 Team Branding Program clients.

We’re all about quality and we need that time to execute your new Team Branding Program and make everything look stunning.

Our price will soon rise after that —but it’ll still be a tremendous value.

Our onetime development fee is only $4,995* during our launch period. (*Monthly hosting & support fees apply-- discuss with your representative)

Don’t miss this opportunity.

With a value like this you can position yourself as a true leader and be seen as a hero in the eyes of your organization by giving them the tools they need to succeed in TODAY’s marketplace.


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