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Presidential Debate: How Does it Apply to a Network Marketing Business?

The first Presidential Debate is over! Now there will be a week (or more) of people sitting around discussing who won.  Clinton or Trump? OK, tossing aside everything we hear about politics, here’s what it will come down to: The candidate that was able to make that “connect” with the most individuals on a personal level will be the winner.

Now before I lose you, this really is a blog post about your network marketing prospects and your network marketing business. I’m using the presidential debate to draw some comparisons, so keep reading, won’t you?

First, let’s define what I mean by “connect”.  It’s when your network marketing prospect has that moment where he/she realizes you’re the “one” for him/her.  It’s that moment that occurs when the network marketing prospect realizes that you two are on the same page.  In a presidential debate, it’s that moment when an undecided voter says, (“Trump or Clinton) seems to get me.”  They may not have made a voting decision yet, but now they’re interested and reaching to find out more. That’s the “connect” point.

Let’s face it, choosing the president is really a very personal thing for most Americans, they’d like to know that the person they put in charge is somebody they’ve got something in common with. And that same “connect” concept happens in your network marketing business with your network marketing prospect all the time.prospecting for network marketing

Understanding and making that “connect” with voters is remarkably similar to understanding and making that “connect” with your network marketing prospects.

If you watch the news you can hear all those “pundits” talk the policy points, and the presence points, and the “dirt” all of which doesn’t mean as much to us as it does to them.

As voters, it’s our dreams, hopes and desires that we’d like to have even a little hope of getting fulfilled. Ultimately, our vote will go to the person who we feel is going to give us that hope.

In the big picture of making a “connect” with a new network marketing prospect it’s the same game.  Isn’t that fascinating?  Your prospects are similar to voters.  Can you find out what their dreams and goals are and give them just a little bit of hope?

If you can, then you just won over that network marketing prospect. It really is that simple.

How does this translate to network marketing business world? Either you are doing things that draws your network marketing prospect in or you are you doing things that send them away.  If you draw them in, then you are the winner!  If you do things that “send them packing” then you lost.  One might start to conclude that today’s marketing world is much like a presidential debate.

<img class="alignleft wp-image-12416 size-medium" src="×210.png" alt="mlm lead generation secrets" width="300" height="210" srcset="https://rockmymarket check this site×210.png 300w,×538.png 768w,×717.png 1024w, 1280w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” />Just like the candidates use polls, you use surveys to know who to talk to and how to talk to them. Find out what people are struggling with and then you use content such as blog articles and PDF guides, and video to help eliminate those struggles. Watch how they start following you and talking with you and reaching out to get some help.

Stop just sending out invitations to see your business opportunity on your favorite social media as your first action, hoping to attract that low-hanging fruit.

Instead send out a little survey. Ask them a couple of questions like what they like best about their job, and what they like the least.  Would they want their own business?  What stops them from pursuing that goal if they do?

If they’re already in network marketing it would be different questions.  Maybe something like what’s your biggest problem in your network marketing business?  How are you doing (really) in your current business?  Are you achieving your goals?  What stops you?

Once you’ve gotten some info from your prospects you can use that data to create a warm and friendly message letting them know you’re available and can help. You can construct a simple note like:

Hi _________,

I recently asked some my customers what they are struggling with the most.  The most common answer I got was how to convert leads.  If this is a problem you’re having, perhaps we can talk sometime because I’ve got some great resources I don’t mind sharing with you.

If you are good at converting leads, I’d love to hear where you feel your weak spots are, it’s possible I can help.

Here’s a blog post with some great ways to help people convert leads. If you need that help before you make your next call, then here it is: http:putyourlinkhere. And hey, I’m always available to talk.

Looking forward to meeting you!  [put your phone number here] [sign your name]

In this way, you are doing things that invite communication.  A real conversation can begin to flow back and forth between your network marketing prospect and you in a way the helps to make that “connect”.

You’ve greatly improved your chances of making that connection. Now he’s got an idea of who you are and because you did a little survey, he’s got this idea that you understand him.

By giving him a blog article to consume and get some tips or help from, he’s getting to interact with you before he actually interacts with you.  He gets a feel for how you do things and it either works for him or it doesn’t.  If it doesn’t, he’ll move on til he finds what he’s looking for and you didn’t waste any time trying to ‘force” a connection.

That’s how you open up the door to finding out what your prospect’s hopes and dreams and goals are. That’s one of the reasons content marketing becomes so important to you in your network marketing business.  The days of sending out a free offer to make a connection are done.

These are the days where business happens because you give hope, value, and help.

And remember, the winner of the presidential debate will be the person who does the best job of making that “connect” with the people and instilling hope, value and help.

It’s a formula that’s worked in the country for quite some time because in the end, we’re all human and there’s nothing like interacting with a human who really “gets you.”


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