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In MLM, Reputation is Profitable

Every time I work with Network Marketers I hear about their mentors, the people they look up to and the productive and effective people in their upline that they aspire to be like. There’s profit in a good reputation, just like there’s poverty in a bad reputation.

Conversely, I work with those people that are cherished and followed. I can tell you this right here and right now: Their reputations have made them money time and again.  That’s the way of it.  These Network Marketers recognized this early on, and started working out strategies to create a strong reputation for themselves.  They understood how the importance of good reputation would not only equate to a great following, but that in itself would improve their profit margin.

But here’s another key factor, although a good strong character reputation is key to improved profits, it is NOT the reason one works to build a good rep.  If they only cared about money, they’d not succeed in becoming an MLM Giant that everybody knows and loves generic for cialis.

Let me give you some examples:  Ray Higdon, Tim Sales, Eric Worre, and Randy Gage.  If you’ve been around MLM for any period of time, you know who those people are.  They’re Giants among Network Marketers.

Type their names into a search window.  How many pages are dedicated to them? What do people say about them on their social media pages?  What kind of following do they have on their blogs?  And of course, they also enjoy really great rankings in the search engines.  That’s a sure fire way to more profit right there.

These are men who are well known, and well respected.  When they speak, people listen.  People in MLM seek them out and follow them.  Why? Because their reputations precede them.

entrepreneur-696959_1280So the next time you’re thinking about what you need to do to get some more profit in your business, the answer is really quite easy, you’ve got to make sure you are also building your reputation. A lot of you may not really have a clue as to what is needed to build a reputation, and what is not needed for that matter.

And then there are those who really don’t think a reputation is important because “the products and the company are all the reputation I need”.  These are false assumptions and they will cause you to experience slow growth.  What they forget however, is that even if they only join the best mlm companies, or the best new mlm of 2016, it doesn’t give them much of a leg up if the people they reach out to don’t have much confidence and faith in them.

Can you list even three things that you are doing each day that are helping you to build a following and gain the admiration and respect of your downline and your upline?  So many people just get into the mad hunt for another lead that they don’t really have a plan.  They just “grind away at the never-ending saga of lead hunting and converting.

They don’t even realize that a good reputation causes them to become a walking lead magnet!  Imagine how great it would be if you had people trying to find you to join your downline!

Where are you going to be in a year? Where are you going to be in six months?  What actions do you need to take to get there?

These are all key and critical questions that you need to ask and answer.

Want a little help putting your plan together?  Need some ideas and resources to make it happen?  Call me.  I can give you a free strategy session.  No strings.  Why? Because in MLM, Reputation is Profitable.  I’m here to help you get and grow your reputation.

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She's a writer, an educator, and a Digital Marketer. She's generated over 40 published works, and she can blog or generate compelling copy. Staying on top of the cutting-edge trends and latest marketing techniques has been her stock-in-trade. Knowing “what’s working now” and bringing that knowledge to the market place has been one of her motivating reasons for helping to found Rock My Market.

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