Many Experts Will Tell You, 

“A blog is a great way to generate leads.”

What They Don’t Tell You Is — It’s a Lot of WORK

Introducing “Done-for-You” Blog Posts

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Get automatic ‘fresh content’ delivered to you monthly. All SEO-optimized for choice keywords so your blog can get noticed.

Writing a blog can be a pain. In this new era of content marketing, keeping your blog updated is key to getting more visitors and prospects. But how do you come up with topics to write about? How do you squeeze it into an already stretched lifestyle?

No Problem.

We’ll send you (4) new blog posts a month so you can keep your blog updated weekly — a key time-frame for attracting prospects. We’ll cover the home biz lifestyle, industry news, the benefits & misconceptions of a home business and other topics relevant to your prospects decision to join your opportunity.

We’ll include carefully chosen images for your post, too. So it really attracts the eyes of your readers, keeps Google happy and makes you look professional.your prospects decision to join your opportunity.

In just 10-minutes a month you can setup your new posts to automatically publish for you every week — leaving the rest of your time for more productive pursuits.

Imagine the ‘brain drain’ and the ‘blank page’ jitters you’ll avoid when you always have fresh content headed your way every month.

Use this as your main content marketing strategy and you can supplement with your own content, too.

You’ll also get these helpful bonuses when you subscribe today…

BONUS #1: 14 Blog Post Styles and Ideas So You’ll Always Have Something Compelling to Say

Use this cheat sheet guide to boost your ‘creativity juice’ to the max. You’ll never run out of ideas for your next blog post.

Your prospects will make your blog a ‘must see’ weekly event — this builds your credibility, personal brand and the eagerness of your prospects to join your opportunity.

BONUS #2: Your Weekly Blog Planner

Now make your most important prospecting asset, your blog, a snap to keep up-to-date and without having to think about it too hard.

This Weekly Blog Planner lets you plan and see a whole week’s worth of posting strategies in one easy-to-use planner. Spend an afternoon filling in the blanks and you’ll always know what to do with your blog all week & month long.

It’s easy — when you have a plan.

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The Easy Blog Content Monthly Subscription

Fresh Relevant Content To Attract Prospects to Your Blog

Each month you'll get (4) new blog posts you can post to your blog for fresh, high-impact content you can use to attract new prospects.

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Plus These Valuable Bonuses

  • 14 Blog Post Styles and Ideas So You’ll Always Have Something Compelling to Say
  • Your Weekly Blog Planner

$19.95 per Month Subscription

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