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What’s the Difference Between A Free Blog and a Rock My Market Blog?

Truthfully, no free blog is “free” . . .

I’ve decided to create a blog post on this topic because it’s a question I get asked all the time. And it’s a really good question – one that deserves an in-depth answer for all people considering a blog of their own. So here we go.

Essentially, Free blogs have hidden costs once you get into the set up process or during the sign up process in many cases. In other styles, you become a part of a “blog community” where you don’t even have your own domain name. Your free blog is just part of a rotation of blogs on the same domain. You lose your visitor to the next blog in the rotation instead of bringing your reader closer to you.  That’s a network marketing prospect you just lost, and that’s a huge cost. (Plus, it doesn’t look very professional . . .).

We’re very upfront at Rock My Market. All costs associated with our programs are right there for you to see before you sign up. We don’t hit you with an upgrade every click of the mouse like a free blog sign up process often does.

Rock My Market BlogA Rock My Market Blog Helps You Get Network Marketing Prospects

The Rock My Market blog is actually a complete website specifically for the network marketer. We are catering to you, your industry and your needs. Our blogs come with a lead funnel so that as you blog a network marketing prospect can also sign up for your special offer and join your list where you can then reach out to them through email campaigns, or just log into your blog, get his contact info and give him a call.

With a free blog, you have to do all your own set up. Unless you’re well versed in web sites, this turns out not to be a free and easy blog at all . . . more like a nightmare.

how to start a blogFast & Stable Hosting is Crucial

Then there’s the matter of hosting: All blogs have to be hosted.  Some companies will host for you on their supposedly free blogging platforms. Others will give download links to WordPress websites, but then you’re off to find your own hosting.

What if you get signed up with a host who serves your blog up so slowly that you lose network marketing prospects just waiting for the blog post to load?  Can you afford that?  How much “lost money” is there is a “lost prospect”? How hard are prospects to come by?

We’ll host and support you in the Google Cloud.  There’s no faster, stable and secure hosting anywhere. But the choice is yours. You can also put a Rock My Market blog on some other platform.  We just won’t be able to support you.

It’s About the Upsell

The creators of the free blog sites are sometimes domain registrars hoping to sell you on a monthly domain subscription that is going to be a much higher fee than what you would pay if you just went over to (or some other registrar) and bought a domain.  They’re claiming that the hosting is free, but they’re going to charge you a monthly fee equivalent to a hosting fee just to “have that domain” for your blog.

As you start trying to set up your free blog, using their advertised easy blog set up tools you’ll find it’s just too time consuming.  You’ll have no choice but to sign up for a ton of upgrades because, as it turns out, that free blog really is hard for you to put together and you simply don’t have the time to figure it all out – unless you’re pretty savvy with websites. By the time you’re done, you’ve spent hundreds getting your free blog up. And they don’t have a clue about your business.

A Rock My Market Blog is Done for You

Network Marketing ProspectWhen you get a Rock My Market blog, you are getting a “done-for-you” blog that actually is a complete website. There’s nothing for you to set up.  We do all that.  You get the blog and start blogging, right away.  That’s a huge difference from a free blog.  We’ll have roughly a 30 minute phone call to walk you through the blog and orient you. Then you are free to blog away all you want.

Plus, we’ve loaded you up with free training videos that will teach you quickly and easily how to do other things with your Rock My Market Blog. If you want to expand it into a beautiful website, you can. It is loaded with features, some of which you may never use, but they are there for you if you do want to use them.Themes and templates.  Your blog comes fully customizable.

Network Marketing ProspectSecurity plugins to prevent hackers from breaking in is standard issue with every blog we create, and SEO scoring software to help you rank high in the search engines is already built in and fully operational. We want you to have the best blog site possible.

Rock My Market Blogs are “expandable” — meaning whenever you start to grow, your Rock My Market blog has the capability to grow with you. Want to add more lead funnels?

Free BlogEverything you need is already there for you to add as many as you want. Remember, we added the first one for you.

Want to add products that you can sell directly from your blog?  You can — its a simple matter of contacting us and letting us know what your new plans are. We’ll tell you what <a href="https://www you can look….0…1c.1.64.serp..0.1.76.PTjNxH1elrg”>plugins you need to get installed to do what you need and where to get them.  (Or in keeping with our “done-for-you” programs, we’ll give you the option to have us do that customization for you with a realistic quote).

Found some great new software that will enhance your user’s experience and want to add it to your site?  When you’re hosting with us, it’s a simple thing to request we do for you. No additional fee to set something up for you, our client.

Blogging is No Longer “Optional”

Blogging has become an essential marketing tool for people who want to use the internet to attract a Network Marketing prospect. But the biggest drawback to blogging is the time it takes up. That’s why most people do not ever get a free blog off the ground. They can’t afford the time it takes to set up, keep up and utilize a blog to build recognition, trust, respect and credibility with their network marketing prospect. So they remain unknown, untrusted, and broke! A Rock My Market Blog fixes that. In addition to building your online presence, the goal of the Blog is to solve the age-old problem of how to get prospects in the changing Internet Marketing world.

Team Leaders & Their Teams Thrive with Rock My Market Blogs

Team Leaders need a Rock My Market blog because not only does it provide a great resource for getting new Network Marketing prospects, but it also becomes a training hub for their team. (We even have a special Team Branding System for Team Leaders & their teams).

We have one goal in mind: Freedom, that’s actually why we call our Rock My Market Blogs “Freedom Flex”.  One of the key problems network marketers face is changing companies. Over the years, so many restrictions have come into play that the network marketer is now often confronted with the loss of an entire downline if he moves on. But that’s not a problem when you are with us because your blog has become the home and resource center for your entire team and you can all “flex” to the next opportunity together. If you haven’t watched our Freedom Flex video, I recommend that you do.

Rock My Market BlogA Rock My Market Blog becomes a home to your entire team, and you’ve captured their info into a list that you own. And isn’t that better than having to generate leads for network marketing like a newbie again?

The Rock My Market Blog is a blog that is designed to follow you for life and Flex when you Flex helping you to have real time freedom and financial freedom and never lose your leader status or your team members again.

Keeping it “Content Rich”

Let’s not forget that all blogging sites need to be “fed” a steady stream of content.  In fact, it’s the biggest turn off a lot of Network Marketers have — they don’t feel they can write, or video, or they’re ok with those two items, but they just don’t have that amount of time to take away from their business building or team building.

That’s why we also created our Easy Blog Content Service, so you don’t have to figure out each week how to write a blog when you should be running your business and team.

So when you are wondering if you should consider getting a blog and you don’t know if you should get a free blog or a Rock My Market Blog, think about this one point above all else:  Doesn’t it just make sense to get the resources you need from the company that caters to you . . . especially if one of your goals is to build a strong network marketing prospect list that you can use to build your business?

In essence if you are trying to figure out how to get mlm prospects stably and professionally then don’t go with a free blog. You’ll find too that the best network marketing prospect read your Rock My Market Blog and wants to connect with you!


About the Author Tanya Munro

She's a writer, an educator, and a Digital Marketer. She's generated over 40 published works, and she can blog or generate compelling copy. Staying on top of the cutting-edge trends and latest marketing techniques has been her stock-in-trade. Knowing “what’s working now” and bringing that knowledge to the market place has been one of her motivating reasons for helping to found Rock My Market.

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