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Great Places to Get Free Images for Your Blog Posts

Nothing completes a blog post like great blog post images. Not only do good blog post images help to attract and direct the reader’s attention, but they very often can help to illustrate key points of your blog post. Add to that, today’s internet is more and more a visual experience for users.  Their time […]

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Presidential Debate: How Does it Apply to a Network Marketing Business?

The first Presidential Debate is over! Now there will be a week (or more) of people sitting around discussing who won.  Clinton or Trump? OK, tossing aside everything we hear about politics, here’s what it will come down to: The candidate that was able to make that “connect” with the most individuals on a personal level […]

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Free Blog

What’s the Difference Between A Free Blog and a Rock My Market Blog?

Truthfully, no free blog is “free” . . . I’ve decided to create a blog post on this topic because it’s a question I get asked all the time. And it’s a really good question – one that deserves an in-depth answer for all people considering a blog of their own. So here we go. Essentially, […]

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In MLM, Reputation is Profitable

Every time I work with Network Marketers I hear about their mentors, the people they look up to and the productive and effective people in their upline that they aspire to be like. There’s profit in a good reputation, just like there’s poverty in a bad reputation.

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Network Marketers SEO Tips

Network Marketers: Here’s a Few SEO Tips to Follow

Hey all you network marketers with blogs, I’ve got a few SEO tips for you today. Did you know that On-Page SEO means more now than ever? Sometimes when I’m talking to network marketers, they’re not clear on the importance of the on-page SEO actions or how not implementing these actions can cause their site […]

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Network Marketing: How to Create Viral Posts on Social Media

So you want to create a viral post? Who doesn’t these days?  Every day you see thousands of memes on Facebook that others are sharing and sharing and sharing, it’s great free advertising! Let’s take a look at how you can do it too. The Hierarchy of a Viral Post Concept: The content of the post […]

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Why Trust in Network Marketing Matters More than Ever & How to Get It

If you’ve been in Network Marketing for any period of time, you have probably experienced at least one negative reaction by someone when you started talking about your Network Marketing Business. The trust they had in you was replaced with suspicion. That’s the very first reason why Trust in Network Marketing matters more than ever. When trust […]

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Let’s Make Your LinkedIn Profile Headline Remarkable

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Read This If You Don’t Want To Lose Your Facebook Ad Account

Have you tried to run an ad on Facebook and been shut down?  Or have you heard the horror stories of others which have caused you to hold back on using Facebook as an advertising resource?  Or are you considering running some ads to your website or blog, but just don’t know where to start? […]

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What Is an Online Presence & Why Do You Need One?

Typically, we have applied the concept of “Online Presence” to a company and/or brand, however as the internet has evolved, more and more emphasis has been placed on content marketing. That focus shift has meant that the concept of an online presence has to be expanded to include the individual.  Your Professional Online Presence is […]

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