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A Few Words About What We Do

Dedicated to your online success, our talented team creates your professional presence for the online world and then helps you maintain it.

We have one goal in mind: Make You and Your Business a Success!

Every member of our team has polished, professional skills that you and your customers will benefit from as we bring you a unique online experience.

Why Choose Us?

At Rock My Market our focus is on your online presence. As the internet has evolved and more and more people have arrived and utilized its unique experience, people want to know who you are before they engage in business with you. Today’s internet requires that you be fully transparent, credible, and an authority in your respective market. That’s why we are here. We help you “Rock”.

Keeping an Active Online Presence that Builds Trust, Respect & Admiration is a Full Time Job that Most Business Owners Don't Have the Time to Do.

It's the Catch 22 of our current Internet Age:  You can't really grow a business offline, but you don't have time to grow a business online because so many online actions are not directly related to your immediate business growth.

​In essence, you need to be online, but you can't be online and also take care of your business.  And that's where we come in.  

With our Done-for-you services, we take many of the hours and almost all of the learning curve away, while you create an amazing online presence and get branded as somebody who is 

  • Trustworty
  • Respected
  • Admired
  • Successful
  • Competent
How to Create an Online Presence

In no time at all you've got a great reputation, and a whole lot more leads coming in from your blog that you ever had before.

What We Do

Have you ever needed a place to send your prospects where they could get their questions about you answered before you tried to introduce them to your business or product/service line?

Have you tried to make a blog site on your own, only to discover that it really isn’t easy to do and takes far too much time?

Has your blog demanded hours of work from you, but given you little in the way of leads for your business?

Have you run out of things to blog about?

That’s why we’re here. We fix all that and put the “easy” back in your life, getting your focus back on where it needs to be: We help you rock your market by building a strong and productive online presence for you, and then giving you the tools and resources to keep your online presence strong.

Some Facts About Us

Staffed by expert writers, internet technicians and designers, we have developed products and services that easily get you up and running with an awesome online presence.

But here’s where things get different: your Online Presence can be easily maintained with our ongoing blogging and marketing services.

Rock My Market's Online Presence & Branding Services Open the Door to You Generating High Quality Leads in Abundance!

Our Founding Members

These are the people who realized the future of your online success would be determined by something as “old fashioned” as your reputation and created the resources you need to create that reputation without it consuming your work day.

Dale Davis

From a Copywriter Out of Necessity —To 100s of Millions in Sales for His Clients

Tanya Munro

From Public Relations to Marketing, Sales, and Operations, she's got you covered.

Leni Neto

We call him the Magician because when it comes to the Internet - there's nothing he can't create, maintain, and fix!

The ‘Go-To’ Guy in the Industry — Nobody’s Ever Heard Of Dale Davis, The Un-awarded Copywriter, has no fancy Madison Ave. awards on his shelf — his only achievement is 100’s of millions in revenue for his clients over the years.

He’s done this by offering strategic thinking behind every word of his ads. (Something that’s rare in today’s marketplace.)

He started writing ad copy as a salesman out of necessity. The ineffective marketing corporate headquarters produced — didn’t work. So he would rewrite it for the ‘real world’.

Dale worked in sales for 12-years and as he says, “I didn’t like the corporate world at first — but, then I grew to hate it.”

He left that crazy world in 1998 and never looked back. He worked various network marketing programs then shifted his strategy to providing services to the industry — rather than being an active distributor.

He was always surprised that, for an industry with ‘marketing’ in its title, as a whole, it doesn’t market very well.

Projects have included,, Zig Ziglar, Symmetry Int., Youngevity, Seasilver, Tim Sales &, Forever Living, SereniGy, BonVoyage1000 and many more.

He’s excited about the possibilities for the industry with the new concept with its flexible and open source infrastructure — networkers won’t be held hostage to a marketing system that doesn’t work — anymore.

Plus, while most distributors can’t afford his copywriting fees, they can still get the full benefit of ‘ads that work’ with his — write it once, sell it many times concept. This drops the pricing to something anyone can afford.

When not behind a keyboard, Dale enjoys riding his motorcycle around Costa Rica looking at wacky monkeys and healthy living.

She's also a writer, an educator, and a Digital Marketer. She's generated over 40 published works mostly in the education sector, and she can blog, generate compelling ad copy or whip up all the copy you need for a website.

She has also spent the past decade in executive administrator positions managing the day to day and long term functions of online and offline businesses, with a keen eye on their marketing.

She began in public relations and marketing back in the early 90’s when press releases were still being faxed to the media and the big breakthrough was an auto dialer to get the job done faster!

In those days, the internet was still just a whisper of what it would become.

Like so many “old school” marketers, she jumped right on the online bandwagon, working to master the ever-changing landscape of the internet, developing new methods of advertising, or working with those who were.

Staying on top of the cutting-edge trends and latest marketing techniques has been her stock-in-trade. Knowing “what’s working now” and bringing that knowledge to the market place has been one of her motivating reasons for helping to found “Rock My Market” because this time “what works” also consumes a person’s work day.

She knows that you are not in business to be on the internet 24/7 trying to make a name for yourself but that if you don’t have somebody managing that for you, then your business is likely to falter. Rock My Market is the solution.

Tanya has many great hobbies and loves living life to the fullest. One of her favorite hobbies is raising and training her standard poodles. However, she spends more time kayaking, bike riding, and listening to the Blues (live blues bands are best of course!).

Time with her friends and loved ones and traveling as often as she can are what she considers the real quality of life. When not at work, you’re likely to find her outdoors.

He's the man that makes things "go" and keeps them "going" through thick and thin.  When you are all snuggled up in your bed for the night, the alarms go off and he hops out of bed to see who needs his help.  Whether it's google's cloud server that just went down, or an interdepent program that processes payments for products, he's the guy that is always there, always behind the scenes so you never lose a beat.

Leni has been programming since there was something to program, but that's not all he does.  He's a developer of new ideas and new ways to make the web work for you faster, easier and with an ever-improving return.

It's not well known that most of what happens on the internet happens because of the silent force behind it.  That force are some of the brightest bulbs on this planet, and Leni has definitely earned the right to "hang with that crowd".  

When you are trying to figure out why your site won't do something that you think it should do, he's the guy that will step in and usually before you can say "jack rabbit" he's got the solution for you and has you back on track.  

No matter what your needs are:  automated autoresponder systems to a fully developed and customized blog site, this is the guy that makes it happen.

Like Dale & Tanya, he was able to see that the average person cannot do what is required of them in this high tech era.  They need a team of people whom they can trust and rely upon to get the job done.  He joined Rock My Market because he sees the future.  If you don't have a great reputation, being promoted on a great website then your business suffers.  And he's the kind of magician that wants everybody to win.

Len's the guy that always has your back!

When he is not up in the middle of the night or working in the "wee hours of the morn" Leni enjoys quality time with his family and friends and loves to travel.  One of his favorite hobbies is cooking and it's been said that he's got quite the flair for it!

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